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being single is cool, till ain’t nobody around,
then i’m chasing you down, cause you was ready to fly,
i can’t be what you want me to be,
you’re shooting too high, cause you ain’t aiming at me,
one minute, you’re calling out for the D,
then the next minute, you wanna be free,
then the next minute, you hollering out “peace”,
although i know it’s a war, and there’ll be blood in the streets,
if you call, don’t be frustrated at me,
just leave your heart at the beat, cause mine is harder to reach,
cause mine is harder to see,
and that, don’t make it harder to cheat,
being friends would make it harder to breathe,
so if you ready to fly, just forget about me,
but if you’re willing to try, then i’m willing to leap,
out of the window of pain and fall in love at your feet,
i AIN’T the man you want me to be,
i guess that’s what’s been bothering me

@BigKRIT - Red Eye. (via genius-musings)

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Big K.R.I.T. - Temptation

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"Yeah, I’m turn this in to somethin"