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Lupe Fiasco - Switch (The Science Project)

Arguably one of his best songs. This is one of those songs you can listen to and find new meanings every time.

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Lupe Fiasco - Double Burger With Cheese (J.U.S.T.I.C.E. - Ohio Remix)

"These are just an illustration.
Of a few scenes that helped raise a generation” 

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The Five One - Fighters

RIP The Five One, now known as RDGLDGRN, Blue Five One is doing his own thing.
One of my favorite Lupe Fiasco remixes. 

Lupe Fiasco - LightWork ft. Ellie Goulding and Bassnectar

Friend of the People out Thanksgiving. Been waiting for this since it was announced 2 years ago. I’m excited though!

Japanese Cartoon - Crowd Participation


Socialpathic, all the old tactics

To keep us out”

I didn’t this this was at all that bad. Lupe did punk his way and well. 

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Lupe Fiasco - Game Time

"I’m just trying to do the opposite of left, as long as theres the opposite of death
Yes, you test and I just might bring the opposite of life, til there’s no one the opposite of right”

Technically off of Fahrenheit 1/15 Part IV: Food & Liquor. I was kinda hoping they would re-release this instead of adding bonus songs for the anniversary edition. Like a dual disk version.